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You have a beautifully designed website with great content to share, but are people finding you and visiting the site? Even with the rise of social media, organic search is still a crucial website traffic driver, and it’s not going away anytime soon. That’s why it’s important to improve your search engine ranking so people can find you more easily than your competitors. That’s what search engine optimization (SEO) is all about.

SEO Tips

Tips to rank higher in Google in 2022

Publish Relevant, Authoritative Contents.And update your contents from time to time. Following suggestions will help your site to improve it'sSearch Engine Rankings.

#1.Keyword research

Use search data and research your Competitors to find the best targets for each page on your website. Then start with the pages that have the most contents, and are helpful for your visitors / customers.

#2.Improve Your On-Site SEO

On-Page SEO is one of the FASTEST ways to improve your search engines rankings. You can optimize your website pages in about few minutes. And start to see a rankings boost within days.

#3.Add Title for your page to help users & search engines.

Our Search engines read the meta title, or title tag, as an important indicator of what the page is about. Your title tag is also the blue link everyone sees on a search engine results page, so be sure to include the keywords users search for. This title is different from the bold heading everyone sees on your webpage, which is typically the heading tag described in the next step. Therefore, if it helps get more clicks, you can write one title for the search engine results page (SERP) & a different heading for your webpage.

#4.Use HTML header tags

The H1 tag or Headings, is the most important heading on the page. The H1 tag is typically the first thing a visitor reads on your webpage. Header tags are commonly used for styling but should instead be used for content organization. If you’re having trouble editing your heading tags, you’ll likely need a developer to update the page. Making use of subheadings is one of the best ways to improve SEO ranking

#5Internally link to other pages.

An internal link is a link on your website that leads to another page on your website. Think about when you’ve read a blog post on a site and the writer threw in a link to another related article on the site.

#6.All your images should contains ALT tag.

Images visually support the message on the page. You should always use descriptive (keyword-rich) ALT tags for all your images.

#7.Responsive Design & Loading Speed

Make sure your website design is responsive i.e your website load properly with all types of devices. Also, optimize the images, code, and content to load each page quickly. Visitors will leave if your websites load slowly and search engines will notice it. This is why having a fast website will improve your SEO rankings. You need great content, but website design and development are important when asking how to make your website rank..

#8.Create an XML Sitemap & monitor crawl errors

Submitting a sitemap will help get pages indexed by search engines faster. If you’ve verified Google Search Console for your site in the first step, then you can submit your sitemap with Google. Bing also has a webmaster tools dashboard where you can submit a sitemap

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