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Why do you need a website?

Before we start, let’s quickly see why you need a website

  • It serves as a communication medium between you and your clients.
  • It helps your clients/ visitors know more about the services offered by you.
  • It makes your business more trustworthy & increases your credibility .
  • A well-designed website makes you stand out among your competitors.


Including Hosting,SEO, SSl (1yr),Dev Support


How much a website cost

Lets seperate Website cost in SETUP cost and VARIABLE cost

Prior to launching an Corporate/Informative or eCommerce website, that are costs that are built into the setup of the website. Many of us seem to think that setting up a website is expensive. It’s not. In fact, it’s ridiculously affordable to get started. These costs are usually the least expensive, thus making the barrier to entry low: Domain Registration Hosting SSL (Not mandatory , but highly recommended) Email Setup How much does it cost to set up a website? Depending on your requirements, the setup phase can fall between $35(₹ 2670) /Yr. and $100(₹7000)/Yr. for you to do it yourself.

Once your website set up phase is completed, you can then start planning the website and building your online experience. This phase of the process is usually the most expensive since it involves multiple teams and to do it correctly takes time:

Before we start, let’s quickly see why you need a website

  • Planning and Strategy.
  • Website Design.
  • Website Development.
  • SEO and IA.
  • Content Creation
  • Photography
  • Analytics Implementation

Creating a best-in-class website can fall between $900 and $2,000 for most small- & mid-market companies

while basic website may cost less than $500 which include only Designing and Development other data such as contents, Photograph are provided by clients

There will be operational costs that your business will incur just to keep the website online and working properly after your website has been launched. These costs are usually consistent each month and can be projected out over a year to help with forecasting the cost:

  • Hosting
  • Email (If you have subscription)
  • Security
  • Framework Update
  • Analytics Reporting
  • Data Backup

Usually these costs are determined by website size/ Types and traffic numbers and can fall between $100 – $800 /Yr.

How much does it cost to market a website?
This is the other highly variable cost for a website and can vary based on needs and expectations. Marketing costs can range from $100 to $3,000 a year for a small- to mid-market company depending on business / marketing goals.

If you need help creating a professional website design, doing a redesign, or a complete overhaul feel free to reach out.

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