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what is SSl/TLS

how ssl/tls certificate works

SSL is a way to provide a secure data transmission channel between two endpoints such as a computer & a web server. Of course, technology is always evolving, so SSL is really an outdated term. Nowadays, we’re really using TLS — or transport layer security — as the secure protocol for such data exchanges. Actually It’s not all that new. Although TLS 1.3 is now the standard, TLS 1.0 was first introduced back in 1999.

Any website owner can create their own SSL certificate, and such certificates are called self-signed certificates. However, web browsers do not consider such self-signed certificates to be as trustworthy as SSL certificates issued by an authorized certificate providers.


  • Secure communication begins with a TLS handshake, in which a secure connection is opened by two communicating parties & exchange the public key
  • During the TLS handshake, the two parties generate session keys, and the session keys encrypt and decrypt all communications after the TLS handshake
  • Each new session use different session keys to encrypt communications.
  • TLS ensures that the party on the server side, or the website the user is interacting with, is actually who they claim to be
  • TLS also ensures that data has not been altered, since a message authentication code (MAC) is included with transmissions
With TLS, both HTTP data that users send to a website & the HTTP data that websites send to users is encrypted. Encrypted data has to be decrypted by the recipient using a session key.

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ecommerce ssl/tls

which ssl certificate is best for ecommerce website

SSL certificates have different types, each having varying purposes. Let’s learn more about the types of SSL certificates available in the market.Extended Validation (EV) SSL certificates are the best for ecommerce stores. There’s a comprehensive verification process, and these certificates also show the green padlock and HTTPS protocol before the website name.

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